Is a title 100% required to receive cash payment and a successful sale?

No! Any other junk car dealers will tell you, yes, but at Charleston Cash for Junk Cars we do not need a title. Proof of ownership can be through a state ID. Cars with titles can receive a higher quote. If you would like to obtain a title for your junk car, you can contact your local DMV.

What pick-up options are available for my junk car?

We offer same day pick-up at Charleston Cash for Junk Cars, guaranteed. As soon as you receive a quote for your junk car and decide you want Charleston Cash for Junk Cars to come and pick up your car, we will be there. Our tow service is always available and free of charge!

What type of payment should I expect?

Cash, cash, cash! We will pay on the spot when picking up your junk car.

Does my junk car still have any value?

In South Carolina, the scrap market average is lower than the United States, with generally $50-$150 per car. The average vehicle in Charleston, SC has a value of around $250. Several factors affecting your car’s worth are the condition of the vehicle, year, make, model, and size and weight.

I’ve sold my junk what?

Following your transaction with Charleston Cash for Junk Cars, make sure you complete all steps required by the South Carolina DMV to secure that the only thing left of your car is a stack of cash!

  • Contact the South Carolina DMV to share transaction documentation. This prevents you from further being associated with your sold junk car and potential insurance confusion or parking tickets.
  • Return license plates and cancel your registration
  • Contact your insurance to cancel your plan for your junk car