To sell your car using a service other than Charleston Cash for Junk Cars, you will have to provide documentation, pictures, proof of ownership, mileage documentation, proof of insurance, etc. Meeting with buyers or haggling a deal to best fill your pocket with a payout can take weeks! Save your time by using Charleston Cash for Junk Cars. Eliminate the stress associated with selling a car and make cash as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Contact Charleston Cash for Junk Cars today!
We provide our services around the clock with 24/7 availability. No matter the time, we will be there to best service the Charleston area and their junk cars! Call (843) 764-7828.

2. Receive an instant offer on your junk car at the touch of a button!
We provide a free offer for your junk car in seconds. No title needed! Charleston Cash for Junk Cars is the only junk car service that does not require a title for sale. We also are one of the only services that take any and all cars upon pick up, no matter the condition of the car. Does it run? Is there major damage to the car? Do you have the information on how old it is, how many owners it has had, the type of car? Well, it doesn’t matter here at Charleston Cash for Junk Cars. We will make an offer regardless.

3. Same day pickup with an immediate cash payout!
We offer same-day tow away for free. When we arrive to pick up your junk car, we pay on the spot in cash at the time. No need for nerves as we arrive. Even if the condition is not as previously described, we will still take it! Any and all cars are our specialties. We can offer up to $5,000 per vehicle!

Using Charleston Cash for Junk Cars is just so much easier than any other car selling service, or junk car service! A junk car service may guarantee a payout for your junk car but most still require a title and take several business days. Not with us! Get guaranteed security and a sale no matter the conditions of your car within 24 hours of your free quote.